designed by ego solutions
designed by ego solutions
El-Abd companies have been serving the Egyptian market successfully since 1982. The companies are owned by members of El-Abd family. Since our incorporation we grew diversified in several industrial, commercial, and service fields.

Our first activity was in household appliances. Then we grew to have e-retail stores line, e-zee limousine which is a limousine company with a diversified young fleet to satisfy the needs of all our clients, a GPS navigation line, a sporting club, and a real-estate development company.

We are a people driven organization. Our strategy is to come up with new ideas and business lines to serve people and make their life happier. With our clients, we put customer satisfaction as our top goal. With our staff, we do our best to make them work in a friendly atmosphere, with good remuneration. We are starting a pioneer project in Egypt to turn all our staff into shareholders.

Please give us your ideas/comments/complaints and they will be highly appreciated.

And a big welcome to our website.